About :: IJRDMR

Objective of the Journal

The objective of International Journal on Research and Development – a Management Review (IJRDMR) is to help professionals working in this field, educators and policy makers to contribute, to disseminate information and to learn from each other's work. IJRDMR also aims at establishing channels of communication between Centres of Excellence for Management Studies, Business Administration, Economics, Law and users worldwide.


IJRDMR is a refereed international journal, published quarterly, providing an international forum and an authoritative source of information in the field of Political Science, Economics, Law, Entrepreneurship, Operational Management, Marketing Management, Services Management , Policy and Organizational Management , Quality Assurance and Management , Technology Management.

Area to be Covered

The broad spectrum of the journal includes the topic but not limited to:

• International business and local government policies
• Business, production, and market orientation of local firms
• Outsourcing from EM
• Marketing effectiveness and marketing culture
• Local culture, consumer behaviour, and advertisements
• Transforming local brands into global brands
• Small– and medium–sized enterprises (SMEs) and family businesses
• Local multinational firms and their management
• Foreign investments, risks, and returns
• Corporate culture, strategy and ethics
• Organisational behaviour, human resources, and training and development
• Financial and non-financial business performance
• Information technology and competitiveness
• Product development from concept to market
• Innovation management (technological and organisational innovation)
• Interface of R&D and manufacturing, as well as marketing and after market
• Role of information and communications technologies
• Intranet, internet and e-commerce
• Strategic planning, sourcing and globalisation
• Business process reengineering
• Supply chain management
• Competitiveness and co-operation
• Productivity, efficiency and quality investment, patterns and opportunities
• Business / government relations
• Ecologically driven product development and manufacturing
• Human resources and innovation technology
• Applied statistics and data analysis
• Decision making under uncertainty
• Design of experiments and analysis, experimental statistics
• Healthcare systems, pharmaceutical engineering and science
• Industrial engineering and operations research
• Manufacturing science and systems, mechanical engineering
• Multidisciplinary research
• Process design and optimisation, modelling and simulation
• Product and process design, robust design
• Quality by design, quality control and engineering
• Accounting
• Decision sciences and management science
• Finance
• Information management and systems
• Marketing
• Operations and business process management
• Strategic and organisational management